Nomellamo Handmade Coin Purse

Type: Coin Purse

This hungry coin monster loves to eat coins, of course, if you also share a chocolate with him, you will make him very happy.

His ears are not really what they seem, they are antennas that look for coins to eat and store them in his belly, which has a waterproof fabric lining, but it is not waterproof.

NOMELLAMO Coin purse Monster features:

  • Costa Rican design. Handmade Coin purse.
  • Materials: Canvas and Chinz mainly. Polyester fleece lining.
  • We use different fabrics, to achieve each unique color combination.
  • Dimensions: 3.94 x 4.72 in.
  • By our nature, each NOMELLAMO can vary its colors and combinations. It is an essential part of who we are.

NOMELLAMO: Workshop of monsters and experiments made with love in Costa Rica.